We carry out manufacturing of custom-made furniture exclusively made for each client as per frozen/given design to cater to the luxury & super-luxury furniture markets in India. We at Saify Interior Decorator (SID) are proficient in manufacturing virtually any kind of furniture you might require for your need. Crafted with a distinctive blend of fine materials, finishes & lively colors, the SID range therefore offers the twin benefits of aesthetics as well as functionality in its products, which is indeed at par with the finest.

We at Saify Interior Decorator (SID) specialize in manufacturing all kinds of furniture items finding a wide spread use in the high end hospitality industry. We undertake all types of interior works such as wood works (wardrobes, paneling, door frames, shutters, glazing, windows, luggage rack, ceilings, etc.), Marble work, Glass Work, Metal Work (M.S., S.S., Bronze, Brass, Copper, etc.) & all type of paint & polish works etc.

At Saify, a variety of wood materials, i.e. Burma Teak, Saal wood, Steam Beach, Maple Wood, C P Teak, Mahogany, Sapli, Sitar Wood, Natural cane, Natural Bamboo & others are used to design these beautifully crafted pieces of furniture. The company enjoys specialization in Indian & English classic furniture with the help of highly experience/professional craftsmen, who have been working with us for decades.